My God, Gingrich pensa que é um rebelde!

LRCBlog: Writes Bryan Stewart:

"Watching the awful 'History Channel' last night...they did a piece on Star Wars, and had all sorts of empty-headed intellectuals discussing Lucas' portrayal of the old republic transforming itself into the empire...they showed how Chancellor Palpatine, democratically elected, morphed into the Emperor basically through emergency war powers granted to him...of course the comparison was made to Hitler....the not-so-subtle History Channel then began talking about and showing images of not only the murderous Nazis, but of (surprise, surprise!) Saddam Hussein as well...in discussing brutal dictatorships, these were the only two chosen, no Stalin, no Mao....dovetailing nicely to the next segment, which they interviewed (gasp!) Newt Gingrich, with the implication that the present-day USA was analogous to the rebels in Star Wars (freedom fighters), and the empire in Star Wars analogous to Iraq, Iran, 'terrorists', "

The power of the american movies!

Já leu os artigos sobre o relatório do Pentagono sobre

"China building military might"

perante estas informações:

"Chinese are acquiring better missiles, submarines and aircraft and should more fully explain the purpose of a military buildup that has led some to view China as a threat."


"Pentagon said China's true defense spending is two or three times the publicly announced defense budget, which this year was put at the equivalent of $45 billion. The Pentagon report said actual defense spending, including funds from sources other than the defense budget, is $85 billion to $125 billion."

o sr. Peter Rodman (who until this year was the Pentagon's top Asia policy official)


"We can handle this, as part of our overall relationship, and we're not asleep at maintaining our own capability."
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