Intervencionistas militaristas

Nunca aprendem. Qualquer coisa que acontece (e com toda a probabilidade já no seguimento de intervencionismo anterior) e a solução é .... intervir mais e com mais militares. A isto chama-se hoje "pessoas moderadas" e "liberais".

É só ver na Atlântico:
Buttho, NATO e o ano de 2008.

"A morte de Benazir Buttho significa a radicalização interna do Paquistão levada ao extremo. O caos no Paquistão interessa sobretudo à al-Qaeda, que joga nas fronteiras incipientes com o Afeganistão o seu renascimento pós-invasão. Ora este caos regional obrigará a duas situações de emergência. A primeira é um reforço substancial dos contingentes militares da NATO no Afeganistão "

E claro, ao reforço no próprio Paquistão.

"Invade the world" e acabem com todo o mal na Terra. Please.


Rothbard e a National Review

"For the first five years of its existence I moved in National Review circles. I had known Frank Meyer as a fellow analyst for the William Volker Fund, and through Meyer had met Buckley and the rest of the editorial staff. I attended National Review luncheons, rallies, and cocktail parties, and wrote a fair number of articles and book reviews for the magazine. But the more I circulated among these people, the greater my horror because I realized with growing certainty that what they wanted above all was total war against the Soviet Union; their fanatical warmongering would settle for no less.

Of course the New Rightists of National Review would never quite dare to admit this crazed goal in public, but the objective would always be slyly implied. At right-wing rallies no one cheered a single iota for the free market, if this minor item were ever so much as mentioned; what really stirred up the animals were demagogic appeals by National Review leaders for total victory, total destruction of the Communist world. It was that which brought the right-wing masses out of their seats.

It was National Review editor Brent Bozell who trumpeted, at a right-wing rally: "I would favor destroying not only the whole world, but the entire universe out to the furthermost star, rather than suffer Communism to live."

It was National Review editor Frank Meyer who once told me: "I have a vision, a great vision of the future: a totally devastated Soviet Union." I knew that this was the vision that really animated the New Conservatism. Frank Meyer, for example, had the following argument with his wife, Elsie, over foreign-policy strategy: Should we drop the H-Bomb on Moscow and destroy the Soviet Union immediately and without warning (Frank), or should we give the Soviet regime 24 hours with which to comply with an ultimatum to resign (Elsie)"

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