Teorias (?) da Conspiração

Via LvMI. "Organizers of the protests at the North American leaders' summit in Montebello, Québec, say they have video that shows police disguised as masked demonstrators tried to incite violence on Monday.

The video in question.

Québec provincial police admitted Thursday that three of their officers disguised themselves as demonstrators during the protest at the North American leaders summit in Montebello, Québec.

La Sûreté du Québec press release."


Victor Davis Hanson, Fabulist

Andrew Sullivan sobre as opiniões de Hanson:

"In his NRO splutter this morning, military expert Victor Davis Hanson hyperbolized the following:

No one necessarily believes anything in once respected magazines, whether the Periscope section of Newsweek or anything published in The New Republic.
Let me suggest two articles in The New Republic that no one should have believed at the time, two articles that have been debunked by subsequent events, two articles that reveal spectacular misjudgment about the war in Iraq, two articles that should consign the author to irrelevance, unless he has explicitly explained why he was wrong and apologized. The two articles, of course, are by Victor Davis Hanson"


Re: Camodia genocide

Submitted by anti_republocrat on August 1, 2007 - 2:06am.

"Darkhaha, the US caused the Cambodian genocide. US bombing and incursions into Cambodia weakened Sihanouk [O Príncipe] and made his regime vulnerable to the Khmer Rouge. After the US withdrew from Indochina, it was the Vietnamese who finally put an end to the killing fields by invading Cambodia, getting rid of the Khmer Rouge, then promptly withdrawing before they had to start fighting insurgents.

In any case, we never had any intention of trying to stop the Khmer Rouge from slaughtering their own people, so it can't possibly used as a justification for our occupation of Vietnam."

Disputas por Status Quo

"Russia claims North Pole with Arctic flag stunt"

"(...) An audacious Russian mission to claim the North Pole for Moscow is due to reach its climax in the next 24 hours, after a week-long journey through thick ice-sheets.

The two Russian submarines are lowered into the Arctic Ocean
Two Russian vessels - including an atomic icebreaker - are expected to reach the Pole this afternoon.

There they will release two mini-submarines which will drop a metal tube containing a Russian flag onto the seabed. The release is likely to take place tonight or tomorrow morning, according to organisers.

The gesture, while symbolic, marks an escalation of the growing international dispute over who owns the Lomonosov Ridge, a 1,240 mile underwater mountain range that crosses the polar region. It is thought to contain rich oil and gas deposits.

Moscow believes the research mission will prove that the ridge is a geological extension of Russia, and can therefore can be claimed by Russia under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Denmark believes that the ridge is in fact an extension of the Danish territory of Greenland.

The US and Canada are also anxious to defend their Arctic territory, with both planning billion-pound investments in new patrol ships.(...)"

It’s the West that’s starting this new Cold War

Russia’s belligerence is hardly surprising

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