The Fog of War

"(..) You remember the EFPs right? The IEDs that are so powerful they got a brand new acronym a couple months back? The ones that, as the Monitor notes above, the U.S. government has accused Iran of supplying to the Iraqi Shi’ite militias that America and Iran are both currently backing? (Gareth Porter explains the truth about them here.)

Well, here was also this Reuters piece from Saturday which included the same information. The Post ran the story, but apparently one of their editors (liars) realized this might reveal the holes in War Party claims that these new “EFPs” must be coming from Iran. After all, here, supposedly, is a whole EFP factory just a few miles south of Baghdad.(...)" Washington Post Liars Caught!

Nota: um exemplo típico de "Fog of War" que muitos liberais ignoram, atribuindo sempre comportamentos súbitamente bons, transparentes e eficientes em caso de conflitos quando em tudo o resto lhes chamam incompetentes e mal intencionados.
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