Lembrando os outros "con"s

A quem ainda vão prestar homenagem po serem capazes de ser uma voz minoritária, até ostracizada pelo mainstream, mas que nunca perdeu o norte.


Paleoconservatism (sometimes shortened to paleo or paleocon when the context is clear) is an anti-authoritarian[1] right wing movement based primarily in the United States that stresses tradition, civil society and classical federalism, along with familial, religious, regional, national and Western identity.[2] Chilton Williamson, Jr. describes paleoconservatism as "the expression of rootedness: a sense of place and of history, a sense of self derived from forebears, kin, and culture -- an identity that is both collective and personal.”[14] It is not an ideology and has no party line.[15]

Paleoconservatives in the 21st century often focus on their points of disagreement with neoconservatives, especially on issues like immigration, affirmative action, foreign wars, and welfare.[3] They also criticize social democracy, which some refer to as the therapeutic managerial state[16], the welfare-warfare state[17] or polite totalitarianism.[18] They see themselves as the legitimate heir to the American conservative tradition.[4]

Paul Gottfried is credited with coining the term in the late 20th century.[5] He says the word originally referred to various Americans, such as traditionalist Catholics and agrarian Southerners, who turned to anticommunism during the Cold War.[6] It then began referring to the conservative opposition to neoconservatism. The movement itself began in 1986.[19]

Paleoconservatism incubated in the pages of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.[20]. Patrick J. Buchanan was heavily influenced by its articles[7] and helped create another paleocon organ, The American Conservative.[21] Its concerns overlap those of the Old Right that opposed the U.S. New Deal in the 1930s and 1940s,[8] as well as the American social conservatism of the late 20th Century.[9]

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