"Frodo failed. Bush has the Ring"

Alguém vai dar crédito a todos liberais/libertarians e mesmo à direita ("unpatriotic conservatives") que combateram a racionalidade e a ética antes, durante e depois do "Iraque"? E que nem sequer se vergaram ao discurso de Collin Powell na ONU?

Não. David Frum, VDH, Kristoll e o resto da pandilha de "humanitarians with guided bombs" vão continuar a descobrir perigos escondidos por todo o planeta (a ameça islâmica como antes era a conspiração judaica, ou como escreveram sobre a China-perigo-amarelo mais-vale-atacar-agora-do-que-mais-tarde ou outra qualquer), até que o "Império do Bem" pela terceira vez consiga lançar mais uma bomba nuclear.

"They love the bomb" de tal forma que só eles a querem ter. É aquela coisa do anel de Tolkien. "Frodo failed. Bush has the Ring"

Blair devastated as Army chief savages his approach to Iraq

"The authority of Tony Blair was left battered last night as he attempted to play down a rift with the head of the British Army over his unprecedented warning that the presence of foreign troops was "exacerbating" the security situation in Iraq

The devastating assessment by General Sir Richard Dannatt, the chief of the general staff, infuriated ministers and caused alarm in Washington.

British soldiers respond to Army chief: 'At last, someone told the truth'

I'm overjoyed that someone in a senior position has finally had the moral fortitude to forget the spin, forget the politics and just stand up and speak the truth - Danvnuk

Right, when B'liar is put up against the wall, can I shoot him?????? - The matelot

After years and years, AT LAST someone at the top has had the b@lls to stand up and be counted. If he gets the sack, watch out for fireworks - Brandt

At last, someone who had integrity and genuine concern for his men and his country - Hansvonhealing
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