Republican advisor to Iraq veterans group blasts Bush Admin. for 'fascist' language

* The Republican advisor to a political action committee founded by veterans is blasting the Bush Administration for using "fascist" language in some recent speeches and interviews(..)

"I also believe we need to be vigilant in defending America," Schultz continued. "That is why I feel I must speak out about the Administration's recent contention that the war in Iraq is part of the fight against 'Islamic fascism.'"

"I am a proud Republican, who ran for my party's nomination for Congress in Indiana, because I believe in traditional values," said Sam Schultz, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Indiana Army National Guard and acts as the Republican Senior Advisor

Schultz explained why he thinks "fascism" is an inappropriate word for the Bush Administration to use "First, we are not fighting an enemy that fits the definition of fascist, nor does Iraq resemble anything close to Hitler's Germany or Mussolini's Italy," Schultz said. "Second,I do not believe the war in Iraq has furthered our battle against radical Islamism."
"I do not believe the war in Iraq has furthered our battle against radical Islamism"

Esta segunda razão é bem importante...
Continuamos a discutir adjecticos?
Vi há uns dias uma noticia curiosa:

Bank pioneers Islamic student account

Sandra Haurant
Wednesday August 23, 2006
Guardian Unlimited

Lloyds TSB has become the first UK bank to launch a student account specifically for Muslim undergraduates.

Estas contas vão obedecer às regras do Islão sobre negócios com dinheiro.

O que é que isto lhe diz?
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