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Mass Grave of Massacred Poles Found in Ukraine

"Ukrainian government commission has concluded that thousands of people buried in a mass grave outside Kiev were killed during Stalin's purges, not by Nazi soldiers.

The commission's conclusion supports the testimony of elderly witnesses in the nearby village of Bykovnia, who said they saw trucks dripping blood en route to the site in the 1930's, before the Nazis occupied the area. Unofficial estimates put the number of bodies in the grave at 200,000 to 300,000.

Villagers in Bykovnia broke five decades of silence to accuse Stalin's secret police after the Ukrainian government erected a monument in May 1988 blaming Nazi occupiers for the crime. The villagers in December forced Ukrainian authorities to establish the commission, saying three previous investigations had covered up the truth by blaming Nazi troops."

Agora permitam-me o raciocíonio:

Invadiu a Polónia 15 dias depois de Hitler, já depois das purgas e outros massacres nos anos 30, o tratamento dos polacos foi de genocídio (o que não aconteceu própriamente com a ocupação nazi), depois passa a aliado e no fim da guerra fica com metade da Europa? Foi isto a guerra pela "libertação" da Europa (e já agora, qual foi o resultado da "libertação" da Ásia...)? É isto que devemos celebrar em Roosevelt e Churchill?

Este texto foi escrito antes desta descoberta:

"Here, however, criticism is halted before it starts. A moral postulate of our time is that in pursuit of the destruction of Hitler, all things were permissible. Yet why is it self-evident that morality required a crusade against Hitler in 1939 and 1940, and not against Stalin? At that point, Hitler had slain his thousands, but Stalin had already slain his millions. In fact, up to June, 1941, the Soviets behaved far more murderously toward the Poles in their zone of occupation than the Nazis did in theirs. Around 1,500,000 Poles were deported to the Gulag, with about half of them dying within the first two years. As Norman Davies writes: "Stalin was outpacing Hitler in his desire to reduce the Poles to the condition of a slave nation." Of course, there were balance-of-power considerations that created distinctions between the two dictators. But it has yet to be explained why there should exist a double standard ordaining that compromise with one dictator would have been "morally sickening," while collaboration with the other was morally irreproachable." Rethinking Churchill, Part 3 by Ralph Raico
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