Turculência "anti-islâmico-fascista"

University of Chicago political scientist John Mearsheimer

* interview : "The Israel lobby and its influence has been a taboo subject for too long. It is very important for the national interest that this matter be discussed at length and in a serious way in the media and on Capitol Hill. Too much is at stake to continue treating the lobby and Israel like two elephants in the room."

* WP "Israel had been planning to strike at Hezbollah for months," he asserted. "Key Israelis had briefed the administration about their intentions."

Reaccção do anti-islamico-fascista Instapundit Glenn Reynolds: "MEARSHEIMER AND WALT: Idiots, or anti-semites?"

* Anwar: "This is the same Glenn Reynolds, a law professor for a third-rate university, who smeared Pope John Paul II as a "defender of pedophiles" for voicing concern for the rights of Palestinians, among His Holiness' other crimes – and whose predictions have been notable for their utter wrongness."
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