A morte do Cristianismo

"Nor is this all quite history. Just as the defeat of the Central Powers in 1918 marked the tipping point downward of Western civilization and the real beginning of the murderous Twentieth Century, so events in the Middle East today may mark the beginnings of the 21st Century and, not so much the death of the West, which has already occurred, but its burial. The shadows of 1914, and of 1918, are long indeed, and they end in Old Night." The Prussian Monarchy Stuff by William S. Lind

PS: (mauzinho) desde que seja na defesa de Israel ... suponho que pouco importará para os auto-proclamados defensores do legado- judaico-cristão, legado, que de cristão começa a ter muito pouco. Preocupa-me mais o legado judaico-cristão-islâmico (que se presta a um suicidio colectivo) versus Ásia.
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